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I am so happy that you decided to visit the Journey Through Grief with Grace series again. I’m happy to announce that lifetime access to the series is available for purchase now!

It’s funny, I can go back to listen to these interviews, and I learn something different every time. The Divine gives you what you need at any given moment. You just need to remember to ask.

We split the series into two parts, in order to make the series more digestible. Each speaker module contains an exclusive introduction from me, the full speaker interview, the applicable journal workbook pages, and additional bonus content! You can click on any module in any order to watch speakers at your leisure.

These speakers have worked with thousands of people, and they can be your lifetime resource. If you’re not in place where you want to openly talk about your feelings, this is a great way for you to connect with your emotions in your own space. Hopefully, some things that are hidden will come out in their own time and in a way that’s comfortable for you to handle.

I am so honored to be a part of this journey with you!

What they're saying

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A Powerful Series!

This series is so very helpful and powerful. I can’t thank you enough for doing this. It has been an anchor for me during the most painful time of my life.


An amazing job on a wide range of topics!

Thank you so much for the wonderful summit you organized. You did an amazing job getting so many brilliant speakers together and addressing a wide range of vulnerable situations and topics that we encounter in our lives. I have shared many of the talks with friends throughout the summit who have appreciated your wonderful support through your guests.


I followed up with most of the speakers!

I really appreciated this series. I contacted most of the speakers and signed up for their newsletters and Facebook sites. My son Rony died about two months ago and I was able to listen to most of the speakers. I really appreciated the people and topics that they discussed. You could tell that they were all experts in their fields. You were such a great interviewer and helped them all cover the topics that were most important. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into this series. I am retired now but worked as a therapist running groups and individual therapy for those who experience trauma and loss. It is so different to be on the receiving end but so necessary. I wish you blessings and love.

Wendy W

I’ve been truly amazed each day.

I just want to take the time to sincerely thank you for all of these beautiful sharings that you have put together!!!! I have been truly amazed each day as I listen to each interaction and look forward to seeing what the next day brings!!!! The 2 words that I can use to describe these sharings is “True” and “Peaceful”.

Sue P

Every day brings something different.

I can’t thank you enough for putting this helpful program together with the best speakers. Each one brings something different into the program and gives you more to work with. It has been so helpful to me. I haven’t missed one. The workbook has been so helpful. This has been such a unique program that many people can use especially with the last year of unbearable loss for so many.

Valerie O

So grateful for the lens you provided me…

Your series has helped me to see how much grief I have carried in my own life and how it’s both sensitized me to others’ need to share their stories and my own need to write about my losses, which began with a childhood parental abduction, the loss of a sister, father, grandparents, and my home almost overnight. I am so grateful for the lens you have provided me to see my life again in this new way.

Jane C

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